Butterfly at Alpha Creek


The SGCP is subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process to assess the potential impacts on the local project environment. Given the nature and location of the SGCP, an EIA process is underway under the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971 (SDPWO Act), administered by the Coordinator General (CG).

Potential environmental impacts of the SGCP including impacts on surface water, groundwater, flora and fauna, geochemistry, noise, vibration, air quality, transport, Aboriginal and European heritage, socio-economics and visual amenity, have been assessed in detail. Results of these studies are presented in the main body of the EIS document and where relevant the associated technical studies are appended to the EIS.

SGCP is committed to protecting the environment and minimising and/or managing the impacts of our operations on the environment. In line with this commitment SGCP has developed a rehabilitation strategy for the SGCP project which includes final landform design, revegetation, progressive rehabilitation and monitoring.

The Coordinator General (CG) requested additional information to that provided in the EIS following the public review period. This was provided in March 2014.

The CG's report, supporting the development of the SGCP with conditions, was handed down in December 2014. It required us to provide more detail in the Environmental Management Plans (EMP). The EMP rework has been completed.

On 15 July 2015, the SGCP received Commonwealth approval under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999 to develop the Project in accordance with the conditons in the approval.

In July 2015 the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) accepted the EMPs.

If you would like more information about the EIA process, visit the DEHP's website at www.ehp.qld.gov.au